Enter a musical mind who is steadfast and distinct in his message and you will find POPULA.  Raised in the eclectic enclave of Brooklyn’s Clinton Hill, the same birthplace of the legendary Notorious B.I.G., POPULA honed his hip-hop lyricism as a precocious third grader during his first show in elementary school.  POPULA had a knack even then to move the crowd and get his audience involved with his words and after that monumental show he knew that he was destined to be an artist. 

As the years progressed and his lyrical style developed, POPULA moved to Senegal to complete a pilgrimage that would shape who he was as an artist. He learned from his three years in West Africa that there was a bigger and brighter world outside Brooklyn and that he should always prioritize his family and God above all others. Returning back to Brooklyn with an elevated mind state, POPULA was ready to bring his message of F.L.Y. (Find Love in You) to his current fans and those who had yet to experience his sound. 

Popula's smooth, melodic lyrics which the rapper often refers to as "Jazz Rap" is very reminiscent of the popular nineties rap groups Digable Planet and Camp Lo. Popula still believes it is possible to get your message across lyrically without the excessive use of profanity and degradation of character. This mindset is exactly what makes Popula stand apart from his counterparts as a unique hip-hop artist. But we'll let you judge for yourself. Presenting Brooklyn's New Dude…POPULA.